Energy Monitoring a Plug in a Hot Attic

Could I ask for recommendations on an outlet or smart plug that can handle the potential heat and humidity of a Texas attic?

Z-Wave is my preferred protocol but not a requirement.

It would monitor the usage of a whole- home dehumidifier (Aprilaire E100).

I’m surprised at how much searching I’ve done only to find very few that combine a high operating temperature range as well as energy consumption reporting/monitoring.

Best I’ve seen are outdoor plugs with a temp range of -4°F to 122°F, and many 104°F versions which I wouldn’t feel confident about using since the attic will almost definitely exceed 104°.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had an Aeotec (Zwave) switch in my roof space for a couple of years here in Western Austalia which is equally as hot if not hotter than Texas. I’m sure the specs suggest it shouldn’t be there but it hasn’t died yet…

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