Energy Monitoring system recommendations to include solar

I’ve been examining a number of energy monitoring systems over the last few weeks, and am leaning towards Sense. I’ve seen a few threads on it, including an issue just a couple of months ago that looks resolved. Our home is a low energy house with an old PV system to be replaced this year. I’m aware of Sense’s difficulty determining some of the appliances, and don’t have much of an issue with that.

Any particular recommendations concerning energy monitoring systems aside from Sense Flex??

The more I read about comparisons now, the more I have started leaning to Emporia Vue, especially with the flexibility in measuring with CT’s, smart plugs, and flexible loops. Is there anything else I should be looking at, given that the house has a 240V well pump and solar array?

After further analysis, I went with IoTaWatt, and am happy I did. It has everything I have been looking for, from a local interface and powerful graphical monitoring capability to an easy integration with HA and many helpful tips in the documentation.