Energy negative numbers

I use the Energy Dashboard but from Tiome to Time i get huge negative readings.

I have engery meters that dont reset, they increase kwh like a energy meter should (see in the grafana dashboard)

In home assistant energy dashboard there is a huge negativ…

it makes no sense for me, the next thing that wonders me is that the meeter wasnt able to read data from the sensor a few days, you can see the jump at the end from the graph, at all the time the sensor was present to home assistant. (esphome with a sd230? meter)

the jump there is about 120 kwh, so ha should know that and dont make a jump that big :confused:

could it be that HA has a problem with “NULL” or “N/A” readings? and if yes we should consider filter them out in the Energy integration i think

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No response to this issue? Happened to me today… when rolling back to 2022.6.5 from 2022.6.4 and then updating again to 2022.6.5… Any ideas how to fix this?!

any luck solving this issue? :slight_smile:

mine was working fine, but after moving from VM to RPi4 i have the same problem :slight_smile: