Energy overview by hour over a period of time


You have this known overview :

I would like to get the same overview, but over a longer periode (not a day, but a month or even a year).

This would allow me to find out, for example, when exactly my solar panels produce too much power according to my consumption… and I could therefore shift certain energy consumers to this time (eg heating the boiler).

Is that possible ?

From where do you have this kind of view ?

If it’s in energy dashboard, you can select a month or a year in top right.

I know, but then you don’t have the overview by hour but f.e. by day if you chose for a week :

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-05 161445

Seems logic view for me. Alternatively, you can use Grafana add-on (+InfluxDB) to create your proper view.

I did not say it is not logic, it’s just another view I want…

Same question here: WTH Expand energy cards so they can easily display a "week" or "month" an "last year's month" etc