Energy P1 meter with HomeWizard


I am very new with Home Assistant; I am reading allot articles and watched several YouTube video’s. But I have a simple question regarding my HomeWizard P1 meter. I have an entity for the P1. but the costs are around 45000 euro… There isa bad value in here. Everything afterwards is showing the correct value’s, but this number gives a bad year result ofcourse. Other sensors seems to be OK.

In the Development tools I have read that I can delete a bad value of sensors, tried it, but on this particular sensor there is no bad value in it. I think this is because the P1 uses the actual value of the sensor as a starting point, and that is around 13000 kwh. Could that be the case? And is there any way to fix this?

I don’t mind if I can reset all value’s and start over again… I don’t know only if this is possible…