Energy panel based on intant power

Hi everyone. I would like to have an energy panel based on power (kw) and not on energy consumed (kwh). I am referring to a panel like the one proposed by Huawei fusion solar where I can see the power currently consumed, sent to the grid and accumulated by the batteries (soc%). The current energy panel just shows us “what has been” but this data can be evaluated in the statistics and I think many of us want to see what happens when the panel is displayed.Thank you

at least vote for your own feature request

You’re right… Done it :laughing:

Sad to see this feature request hasn’t got much attention yet.
I don’t understand how any automation can be developed based on energy (kWh) since energy data is a cumulation of power data over a certain duration. In the case of the Shelly 3EM that I just installed, the energy data that Home Assistant receives is the cumulation of my energy consumption for the last 30 min: it’s nice to know, but too late to act!
The Shelly user manual indicates “With Shelly 3EM, you can view the quality of your electricity network regarding active power, reactive power, voltage, and power factor.”, so the data is available!
All we need is the dashboard or the card to display it, and the ability to trigger scripts from it.

UPDATE to my previous post:
I was advised to add a gauge card in another dashboard and was happy to see power data (Watts) in the list of readings to display. And even better: When I click on the gauge, a graph with the power flow of the last 24h appears which gives me a much better idea of the ‘energy behaviour’ of my house (including my rooftop solar).
Now, I need to find how I can use this live flow of data to trigger automations.
Note: I keep my vote for this feature (Graph of power consumption) to be made available in the Energy dashboard. Saying that, I think I’m going to suggest that this dashboard is called “Utilities” rather than Energy as it has Water in it.