Energy Panel Incorrect Daily kWh

To start I am new to home assistant so this is all a huge learning curve for me. I currently use a sense energy monitor with the sense integration. So far no complaints with anything other than maybe the data isnt “live” it updates every 60 seconds.

Anyways the issue im having is that the daily kWh is off in the energy tab and from what ive found its due to the 2300 to 2400 hour not being reported. So at any given day I have only 23 bars instead of 24. I narrowed it down to that time frame by comparing the readings in the sense app to HA.

My thoughts on the issue…

Looking at the data being taken for the sensor it shows time stamps of :14, :15 meaning it will take a reading at 1:14, 2:15, etc. My guess is that the energy screen goes to check at 2400 but has nothing to report because the sensor wouldnt show that data until 0014 but by then the sensor data is back to 0 because its a new day.

The other issue I see is how the graphs are laid out. The reading that shows for 1am in HA is the 0000 reading in sense and the data may not be translating correctly. Ill post screenshots to show what im talking about.