Energy prices will be calculated retroactively


Till now my energy producer (Ecopower) invoiced a fixed price per kWh. This prize was in home assistant in a helper and was configured in the Energy panel :

Yesterday I got an e-mail that in the future (november 2022) this price will not be fixed anymore :

Half of the Ecopower ‘electricity’ part of the new price is based on a fixed part of 0.23 euros per kWh and half on a variable part that follows the average market price (the weighted average of the hourly prices of a whole month). For November 2022, that estimated variable part is 0.89 euros.

Is this the end of ‘cost’ calculation in Home Assistant ?

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Only for you and only if you stay with that energy provider.

even in Italy there is an average cost (PUN) updated month by month …

Hi Christian,

I’m in the same situation with Ecopower.
There is a custom integration:

I’ve contacted the support line of Ecopower to obtain the token and id’s, I’m still waiting for the response from Ecopower.

Actually there are a quite a few energy providers (at least here in Belgium) that offer plans based on an index which is only set at the end of the month. So you only know at the end of the month what you paid that month for electricity.

But I can see how implementing that in the HA energy dashboard would be non-trivial to say the least :smiley:

You could probably come up with your own automations and utility meters that can still track the cost properly over the course of a year. You could set up a utility meter with a monthly cycle to track energy consumption. At the end of the month, you can launch an automation that copies that months consumption into a input number helper. Similarly you can setup input number helpers to save the energy cost for each month and you can then calculate your own costs outside the energy dashboard?

I understand your solution, but a possibility to recalculate costs within the home assistant energy integration would be a big plus. This not only for “my” problem, but simply to offer a solution to people who have made a mistake when stating a price.

Actually I also thought using this integration to set the correct prices for my Ecopower energy contract in the energy dashboard too.
Unfortunatly this will not work. This integration is only applicable to a limited number of Ecopower clients enroled in a pilot project that makes use of the day-ahead prices in a completely dynamic energy contract.
So this is NOT for the regular clients who have a semi variable contract since november 2022.

And there actually seems to be no way to add the correct prices because the final price of the passed month is calculated only at the end of the month.

The only possibility is probably like tjafbe describes in his post here above.

Due to a wrong cost of the energy price that I had I have manually deleted the cost data from statistics and statistics_short_term tables using the right metadata_id. Now the it started to populöate the tables with new data and correct cost. But I wonder if it is possible to re-generate the data for the past X number of days? How?