Energy problem, not show every hour

hi, I have configured all the sensors for the new energy interface and everything seems to be read correctly, but every day, on time, the graph skips an hour of counts, I paste a photo below.
I don’t understand why …

I can confirm this issue. I also have missing bars for no apparent reason.
Issue happens with core-2021.8.6 and core-2021.8.8, Chrome and Firefox.
Sorry for not having better news. Probably someone else knows what is going on.

What happens if you mouse over the graph?

Moving mouse over only helps fixing the “Monitor individual devices” but I think I found my issue why the bars do not show up: It’s not related to HA but to homematic integration not updating the device status for more than an hour due to low consumption while the update trigger was set to 100Wh per default.
So for me this topic is solved, although the thing with the individual devices is a bit annoying on the mobile. :wink:

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