Energy - remove previous sensor, retain data?

I have just had solar fitted, and the integration will read all the necessary ins and outs from the grid, battery etc; all good.

For 12 months before that, i had an emporia vue monitoring the draw from the grid. Now, my draw from the grid is out because the inverter and the vue are being used. If i remove the vue from the energy dash though to correct it, i lose the last 12 months of energy use.

Is there any way around that?

You could try this:

Delete the emporia vue entity, first noting its entity id. The data will remain in the database.

Rename the new energy sensor’s entity_id to match the emporia vue entity.

This use to work, some have reported that it now does not.

Thanks @tom_l . I had an idea before i tried that which worked out ok.

I left the Vue ‘grid draw’ entity in the energy dashboard, but then disabled it in the integration. The history seems to still be there, but nothing is picked up going forward. Hopefully that will stay the case and this can help someone out in the future with the same problem.

If it turns out it stops working/goes wrong somehow, i’ll give you suggestion a go.

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