Energy Saving: Changing Temperatures in Rooms - Gas running multiple times


this is not 100 % related to Home Assistant itself, but some of you might know a bit about this.

At home, we heat with gas. To decrease its usage while keeping the house comfy, I automated the setting of room temperatures in each room (z-wave radiator thermostats).
Each of them is able to trigger the relay which starts the gas boiler so it’s not dependent on just one rooms temperature. (Now using several Generic thermostats)

Since some rooms only start heating while others are not (like sleeping room starts heating in the evening when others turned off just before), the gas boiler now runs very often.
I know, that the “loss” of heat mainly happens in the sleeping room in this situation but my question is if anyone of you has some knowledge about whether it makes sense to have the gas boiler running a lot of the day, keeping in mind that only some rooms get heated during this time.

Example from yesterday:


I don’t see any real issues here, however it will depend on what type of boiler you have.

As most modern boilers are regulated condensing boilers so the time spent on is not directly related to actual gas usage.

What type of boiler do you have?

It is a Vaillant Turbotec 2 but it’s not connected via ?modbus/ebus? but just triggered via a relay. So I don’t think it’s modulating.