Energy sensor reporting disabled, HA has the data?

Hi all,
My zwave network was laggy so I was looking at whether it was polling too much. I saw a lot of my switches and plugs reporting data about every minute in the OZW log.

I don’t use all of them, so I was going to disable reporting, only to find out that the reporting frequency on all of them was 0 (mostly Zooz stuff, Zen23, Zen15, and a few others). That’s supposed to mean disabled. I checked and polling intensity was 0 as well.

What’s weird is that sensors I do use, like the energy monitors on the fridge and freezer also show reporting frequency of zero and polling intensity of zero. However, I have charts and buttons that show this data, so Home Assistant is obviously getting it from the sensor. If it’s not reporting and not being polled, how is that possible?