[Energy] SMA Solar inverter not listed on Solar production

Since the new update you can add Energy monitoring.
I have added the electricity meter with a diy version of the slimmelezer.
I have a SMA solar inverter which is returning the daily yield.

I wanted to add this to the solar panels, however it is not listed there.

learn more about statistics.
Homeassistat says that the entity is not configured correctly. Can i do something to configure it correctly or do i have to wait for an update?

I have enabled the total_yield entity of the SMA integration.
This entity showed up in the Solar configuration.
I will see if this works tomorrow.

Select this entity: sensor.total_yield and it works.

Hi, Can you specify how to build a diy slimmelezer? I have found different schematics with Wemos D1’s converting the telegram to MQTT, but which to use to be compatible with ESPHomes DSMR?