Energy Smart Meter Integration

So I reached out to my energy provider, and found they offer a service to connect a Home Area Network device. So of course it peaked my interest, and now I am trying to work out whether or not I can create my own HAN device, or do I need to use a HAN device created by a supplier.

See the screen capture below… it’s asking for a MAC address and an installation code. I will do some more digging and see what I find.

The ‘Device’ drop down lists a whole range of devices, including In-home displays (IHD), Smart Thermostats, Computers and Smart appliances (such as refrigerator or dishwasher). Very interesting, and wonder if I could connect something like a ZigBee gateway?

The product names that come up in the Device drop down include…

Percepsion IHD
Chameleon IHD
Pipit 500 IHD
Intercel eKo IHD
Planet Innovation USB Dongle
Rainforest Eagle Gateway
Other In-Home Display
Other Load Control Device
Other Load Smart Thermostat
Other Range Extender
Other Smart Appliance

Very interesting indeed.

Looked at the specifications for the Pipit 500 unit found here.

And the specs are interesting…

Technical Specifications

Type: ZigBee Smart Meter Display
Standard**: ISO 9001
Power: 5V DC from 230V 50Hz AC adaptor, <0.6W
RF: ZigBee 2.4 GHz
Compatibility: Jemena / United Energy distribution network / Citipower / Powercor distribution network

Assuming I go down the CT clamp road, I also found the following board, which looks good but not sure if it would work with ESPHome?

Has anyone had any experience with the setup at the link? Would be interested in the experiences.

Thanks, Mark

They support ESPHome so it should connect well with Home Assistant.

That’s awesome, thanks Tom :+1:

Tom, am I correct that this hardware is for US split-phase power supply?

If so, do you have any suggestions for EU hardware?

I’ve found this Aeotec device on, but then I will have to buy a ZWave dongle too.
I looked for the Shelly EM, but is seems that only the Shelly EM3 is available, and that quite expensive. More importantly, I have 3 fuse boxes in different parts of the house, so I’ll need to buy 3 sensors.

There’s plenty of Shelly EM stock.

Though as mentioned in this post it is not good for split phase power measurements:

You need something that can measure the voltage of the two phases as well as the currents.

None of the devices mentioned so far can do that except for 2x PZEM-004T.

You don’t have a master feed where you can use a clamp to see total energy usage? Unless you have 3 meters, there has to be power running from the meter to a master breaker and then on to breaker/fuse boxes. Between the meter and master breaker is the best place to put a clamp, if you have access.

Split phase users can always use 2 Shelly EMs (one per phase). It is a shame they don’t have a US version with a second voltage sense connection. Honestly, unless it would add a lot of cost, they could just have that on a single updated model and customers who don’t need it just wouldn’t use it. Maybe with the proper hardware and firmware support, the “O” connector could have a secondary function as a voltage sense port for split phase.

Sure but the price becomes prohibitive compared to the PZEM.

Not sure if this is a big piece of information, but I thought I would share. I reached out to the Rainforest Automation company regarding their Eagle-200 product.

To my surprise Rainforest Automation replied advising me that Home Assistant already has support for the Eagle-200.

​Please take a look at this link for more information: link

It seems the power provider is happy for me to connect the Eagle-200 to the power meter via ZigBee, and Rainforest is saying the Eagle-200 interfaces with Home Assistant.

So I will do some more investigation on what information is provided via the HA and Eagle integration.

Is anyone using an Eagle-200 integrated with Home Assistant?

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Thanks for the link. Like a Lemming I was just looking on Amazon and did not think of going to the Shelly web store.

You are correct, there is a main fuse box, and in fact 4 others.

  • Main - Heating, hot water, laundry
  • Ground floor, off of Main - kitchen, living room, etc
  • First floor, off of Ground
  • Garden, off of Ground - pool, sprinkler

I was thinking of putting EM on Garden, Ground, and Main, that way I can calculate:

  • Garden = Garden
  • House = Ground - Garden
  • Utilities = Main - Ground

You can get accurate readings using Shelly EM for the Main input and ground by placing 2 Shelly EMs in the main box. Use the first Shelly to measure the input on main phase 1 and output to ground phase 1 (make sure the Shelly is powered from phase 1). For the second Shelly, measure phase 2 for the same input/output, and power it from phase 2.

Unfortunately, a single Shelly placed elsewhere won’t give you an entirely accurate measurement for your garden. You could do 2 Shelly’s in your ground box and pick something else to monitor (the first floor sub panel, or some other large circuit running in that panel) and do the same as above. Alternatively, you can do 2 Shelly’s in the ground box, configured the same as what I mentioned in the main box (measure the input to the box) and use the second Shelly in the main box to measure a feed such as your heating to get usage info for heating your house.

The lower cost ESP sensors mentioned above previously are also an option, but you will want 6 - 8 of them, depending on how you do the config. Without looking in depth, my assumption is that you can use additional pins on an ESP32 to attached more than one clamp sensor per ESP. You should be able to look at the sample config/code and an ESP board breakout and find additional pins of the same type to use.

This info regarding the Shelley devices sounds interesting. I have a number of conundrums I am trying to solve, so perhaps devices like the Shelley may be worth a look?

  • My inverter doesn’t have an integration in HA, but it does in Domoticz, which is how I am currently obtaining the solar data.
  • I have been looking at connecting to my power meter via ZigBee, however that may not give me the granularity I am seeking with solar etc.
  • To obtain the data from my power meter I have been looking at the Rainforest Eagle-200, but it is expensive and not sure if it will provide the data I need.

So based on above, does anyone know where I might find a circuit diagram on how I might implement Shelley to perform the monitoring of the main feed into my house and the power coming from my solar inverter?

Hi @gregoinc how did you get one with the Rainforest. I too live in VIC AU and want to connected the smartmeter via Zigbee. Did you find somewhere to buy the Eagle-200 - am keen to know if it supports both usage and export (from solar). Thanks

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Greetings @hammermcg, so far I’ve been unable to purchase a Rainforest device. Have tried a number of times, but they tell me they don’t have any stock due to chip shortages. So to answer your question, no progress. I have been looking at other possible solutions (like shelley etc), but nothing concrete.

Did anybody get any luck with this?

Basically, is it possible to read the data from the smart meter via Zigbee?

I’m in the UK and have a Pipit 500 which uses Zigbee…

I have been wondering the same thing, is it possible to speak directly to the Smart Meter via Zigbee. Unfortunately Rainforest Automation keep telling me the EAGLE-200 is still unavailable due to chip shortages, so I am wondering if there’s any way to DIY something?

I’ve reached out directly to reamped energy and awaiting a response to open it up. Then need to dive into something to get it to work. Shame to hear about chip shortage still.

Heads up!! Rainforest Automation have a limited number of EAGLE-200 units for sale on their US website. There is an option for shipping the units to Australia. I’ve just placed my order, so get in quick if you are wanting to purchase an EAGLE-200.

Sell a kidney on shipping?