Energy - support net metering - import/export as one measurement for Eastron SDM630

For energy metering I have to define seperated energy meters for import and export of energy.

I like to be able to configure in energy configuration an energy meter that support one measurment that can ascend and descent to allow net metering.


In Germany we measure net power. Net power is the sum of power on line 1, 2 and 3.
L1: 50W
L2: 100W
L2: -200W
net= -50W

The famous and cheap energy meter Eastron SDM630 provides net energy consumption as one measurement. E.g. above example with -50W (export) will decrease kWh value.

On picture you see me cooking lunch at 13:06 :wink:

Modbus definition for SDM630’S “net kWh” is:

- address: 396
  count: 2
  data_type: float32
  input_type: input
  name: Net kWh
  precision: 3
  slave: 1
  unit_of_measurement: kWh