Energy Total Costs incorrect


I am using the Hilderbrand Glow IHD MQTT integration to integrate to my Flow smart meter locally via MQTT. That is working fine as when I look at the data it has pulled it is correct. The usage data that is fed to the energy dashboard is correct, however the calculated cost is not. The cost is correct if I look at the values the Integration is pulling, but incorrect on the dashboard itself. I have checked what entity is being used and it is correct. If I go to the developer tools and output the value of the entity its as expected, however the dashboard displays an incorrect value. Also the costs in the dashboard show as negative values. I have went into the Dashboard/Energy configuration and changed it multiple times. I also changed the name of the entity to make sure it wasn’t picking something else, and confirm its the correct entity. This is for both gas and electric total costs.

Any help would be appreciated.