Energy usage not displaying


This is my first time posting and I am fairly new to HA. I am having issues getting any data to show under the energy dashboard. I have configured the usage entities for the electricity and gas and have left them for 24 hours but it still shows no data.

If I check the entities themselves I can see they have the usage values. I have also checked the state values and they are set to total_increasing.

I am not sure what I have done wrong but any help would be appreciated. I can provide screenshots etc but being new not sure what would be required.

Thanks in advance to anyone that is willing to help me learn

Where in the Energy Dashboard config did you add the consumption? Does the present consumption show if you add them under Individual Devices?


So I am now getting some data. It appears as though if I get it to calculate the cost however this is when i stop reciving data for some reason. Although the entities show the unit cost and they are in gthe right format it does not show the usage when these entities are entered alongside the usuage which is very strange.