Energy usage screen: as a user I want to hide/show sources

I have several sources in my energy dashboard. Some of them are small, some are large. Some are only twice a week (charging the car), some are daily. The problem is the scale of the vertical axis. If there is one large bar on Monday, I cannot compare the bars of rest of the week, because this large bar dominates.

Feature request: as a user I would like to be able to hide/show sources, when I click on the coloured box of the source overview below the graph. Clicking on a source will hide the bars for this source, clicking again will show the bar again. This allows me to compare the usage of sources that are relevant for me.

I would suggest that this is not stored, and next time a user opens the Energy screen, all sources are shown (again).

Yeah would be nice. Or just a way to configure a 2nd section with other devices. So that I can club high consumption devices together.

Now you can’t see the other devices very good.

Maybe like this on another panel.

- type: energy-devices-graph

Related to Energy Dashboard multiple "Monitor individual devices" graphs

I would like to add the possibility to add a device called other (which is a power grid in/out minus the sum of all individual devices).

So I have a nice single graph in the Energy Dashboard, that shows all individual devices/meters and the rest of my power usage, all in one nice graph.

And it would be nice if each device can be toggled on/off in the graph.