Energy Values for Missing Breakers

Hello all!

I recently installed an Emporia Vue 2 and I have that added to Home Assistant. I didn’t have enough sensors to monitor each breaker so I was wondering if Home Assistant could somehow subtract the breaker watt values that I am monitoring from the total watt power on the main breaker so I can get a “Missing Breaker Watt” value if that makes sense?

I believe the only way is to create a template helper but I am having difficulties figuring out how to add each sensor then subtract from the Total Power sensor.

Any help would be appreciated!


I was able to solve it by creating two templates. One I had to add each breaker sensor states then add them all together for a combined breaker watts.

I then created another template which subtracted the combined breaker watts from the total breaker watts and I now have the watt values for breakers that don’t have sensors.