Energy values from solar panels not correct

I have a Goodwe inverter for my solar panels. I added the Goodwe integration into HA. The following sensors are visible:

These values are matching with the values in de Sems Portal app. However, when I look at the energy dashboard, I don’t see this value. In the energy dashboard I added Today’s PV Generation (same value as in Sems portal).


Why is the sensor saying 4.0 kWh, but the energy dashboard 2.4 kWh?
What is going wrong/on here? Am I missing something in regards to my setup? I would expect that these values would match.

I donot have Goodwe but a very short guess (?) is that the dash is showing the wrong sensor. 2,4kWh could be the PV Power which is rounded 2,4kW…

@vingerha It looks like it, I thought that too, but that would mean there is some kind of mix up in the sensor names. Because in the backend the values are correct, but in the frontend (dashboard) another value is shown.


I can choose the following sensors for the energy dashboard (provided from the Goodwe):

Seems like this is hardcoded, this is mine where the actual is 3.2kWh…but that would be really weird though :slight_smile:


Another thing, the dash always runs behind as it updates on the hour…check again at 13:00

@vingerha Really? Do you know why that is? I mean, for me the whole purpose of such a dashboard is to have real time data. And why not, since the sensor has the actual value already.

But I will check at 13:00.

Yes and no…this dashboard uses statistics and these are generated hourly. Hence I have other cards to support ‘realtime’ too.

How would I do that, realtime data in the energy dashboard? Is there another topic or webpage I can read into that?

Not in that dasboad no, I created this (with help of others)

I just looked at the previous days and there the value is correct at the end of the day and the exact same value as in Sems portal. So I gues it then is indeed about the updating every hour.