Energy: water usage

The day the energy dashboard was introduced, I ordered a SlimmeMeter. It’s working fabulous and it gives me good insights in my usage. Because of that I also ordered a Watermeter reader from (see Watermeter Gateway - and that one is also working very nice. I really like to have one dashboard where I can see all power, gas and water usage. So I also hope this request will be honored.


Maybe we could join forces in Energy Management - Rain Water - #4 by kamaradclimber

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FYI, posted a related feature request to ESPHome for reading Kamstrup smart water flow meters via IR:

They also have a related feature reqqest for reasong SML (Smart Message Language) protocol reading:

Done so here now:


if you produce your hot water with a solar collector, then its indeed a thermal energy that can be evaluated using waterflow (gl/min) and temperature in and out.

Not the same request as we are talking about buying and consuming water as a utilities (from water utility companies) just as you buy and consume electricity from a power company. See this thread:

That follows idea that a utility is a utility, so should not matter if utility is energy, gas, water, or heating.

Also see

"The utility meter integration provides functionality to track consumptions of various utilities (e.g., energy, gas, water, heating).

From a user perspective, utility meters operate in cycles (usually monthly) for billing purposes. This sensor will track a source sensor values, automatically resetting the meter based on the configured cycle. On reset an attribute will store the previous meter value, providing the means for comparison operations (e.g., “did I spend more or less this month?”) or billing estimation (e.g., through a sensor template that multiplies the metered value per the charged unit amount).

Some utility providers have different tariffs according to time/resource availability/etc. The utility meter enables you to define the various tariffs supported by your utility provider and accounts your consumptions in accordance. When tariffs are defined a new entity will show up indicating the current tariff. In order to change the tariff, the user must call a service, usually through an automation that can be based in time or other external source (eg. a REST sensor)."

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I came to the forums to post on this same request. Through the power of search, I found this thread.

I’m using the Energy DB to track my resource consumption for environmental purposes. I have electric w/ Sense and template sensors to render on the Energy DB and am using that to better understand where I have vampire devices and the energy impact of doing things via appliance vs. by hand (dishwasher cycle ends, heated dry turns on. What’s the environmental & financial cost of that?)

I’m still trying to figure out how to read my gas meter (Nicor, IL) but in the absence of that - I’ll try to extrapolate from my electic usage on gas fed devices.

I’m treating water like I do electric and gas - something to minimize and it would be great to have it along side the other utilities.

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With the following addon of [email protected],
Git Repo: Work in progress of Darkrain
and a configuration trick I get the following:

due to the trick Water is represented as Gas. :wink:

I would love to see a “native” integration of water (metering). I’ve setup everything using utility_meter and it works fine on top of my MQTT sensor. Still I believe it should be same top level item like gas or energy. Considering gas and water might be much simpler compared to energy it seems to be a good one to add.

Here is a screenshot of how I’m using right now:


Awesome! May I ask how it is configurated?


Hi Rene,

I’ve just posted a summary here Water metering using Sensus HRI, libmbus, MQTT and Utility Meter integration


One more thing to add, I’ve created Add water/fluids to available device classes · Issue #697 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub to (maybe) get water as supported device class, similar like gas. Please add you comments / thoughts / feedback! Thanks a lot!


I totally agree that it would be nice to have a water meter added to the energy dashboard! I hope this will be possible in the further.

Suggest you guys also vote here →

Interesting to see some people referring to Gas as energy. I disagree gas is energy. Energy is the heat it produces by burning it. Gas is a resource like water. Although I agree typically water is not used to produce energy, but it is also a resource consumed in our homes.

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For me it does not matter how water will be interpreted,
I would really like to see a dashboard similar to energy with history of my water consumption.


I agree with you! And want to add that at least in the Netherlands (in new construction houses) hot water is used as heating instead of gas.

Those houses don’t have a gas connection at all, but instead get their “hot water” from centralized district heating. This water heats the floors and is used for warm running water.

Which makes it function the same as the gas in the energy dashboard.

This is the reason I would LOVE a (hot) water consumption meter in the Energy dashboard!


Same for me, integrated or in it’s own dashboard is detail, what I’d like to see is water treated the same way as energy is, for the same reason: automatic day/week summary and estimation of bill…
the fact it’s energy (electric or chemical) or water is not important in this context, what count is that it’s metered resource you have to pay per consumption.
I see 2 difference:

Contrary to electricity, you can not reinject in to network, so there is no concept of production price (elven if you can auto produce, it’s only for self consumption)

having alarms for over-consumption is much much more useful than for electricity… Water loss in conduits or toilets is a very common problem, which can turn expensive if you are not aware of it…

Since i found and enjoyed the energy dashboard, i was surprised not to find a water one (i also have a connected water meter through hacs/mqtt, so i have the data, just not the nice statistics and integration automatically done like for energy)…
Adding it is really a no brainer, in fact i may hack the gas one (which i do not use at home) to present water as gas if it does not come soon :wink:

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Water should be in the same dashboard as Energy. Energy can be renamed - probably to “Utilities”

See for example this official web page listing utilities.

Regarding water: do not forget to distinguish cold water and hot water. In some appartment buildings the water heater is central and hot water costs more.

So basically I would propose that Energy become Utilities and is capable of coping with:

  • Electricity
  • Gaz
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • Waste (I am sure there are cases where you can either have the total number of collections and even weight - think about non-recycable waste, recyclable waste, vegetable waste, dangerous waste);
  • Telecoms (total GB in/out consumed, total calls, total time, etc).

I am not saying that it has to do all that short term, but that developement should be done with that in mind.

Just found Rename the Energy dashboard to "Utilities" to make it include readings for all public utility resources, including electricity, gas, heating, and water again (I already voted for it) .


Should be really awesome to have the Energy tab turned into Utilities or something. I just set up my water meter of the incoming waterline in my house. Fingers crossed that this will make it into Home Assistant :wink: