EnergyID support

The platform let’s you easily track and compare

  • water
  • electricity
  • waste
  • gas

A usecase I was thinking of:

When a certain trash can is full (e.g. for plastics), you hit a button next to it and it pushes the fact you have a full trash can to EnergyID.

I also have OCR on my water utility meter, being able to push this data easily though HA would be nice.

It’s fairly easy to roll your own EnergyID integration:

  1. In EnergyID > Apps choose ‘Incoming Webhook’ and activate it. You’ll receive an URL to send POST-requests to. Use that URL in the code-block below.

  2. Add a rest_command in your configuration.yaml. The example below posts the “Total Yield” field of my solar inverter. For other types, you’ll need to refer to the documentation to find the correct metric and unit):

    url: ""
    method: POST
    content_type: application/json
    payload: >-
          "remoteId": "<choose an id>",
          "remoteName": "<choose a name>",
          "metric": "solarPhotovoltaicProduction",
          "unit": "kWh",
          "readingType": "counter",
          "data": [
              ["{{ now() }}", {{states.sensor.total_yield.state | int }}],
  1. Create an automation that calls the service rest_command.energyid when convenient. In my case, I chose to call this service every morning at 3AM.

For keeping track of the number of trash cans, you can use a ‘Counter’ helper in HA, and call the rest_command.energyid service everytime you change that value.


Or you can use GitHub - tijsverkoyen/HomeAssistant-EnergyID: Integrate EnergyID into your Home Assistant.

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