Enerwave ZWN-RSM1 Plus not updating state when using wall switch

I just switched over from Wink 2 to the Aeotec Zwave stick. I have 8 RSM1 relay modules in my home that worked perfect with Wink 2. They worked perfect with Wink 2 plugged into HASS. But now that they are on the stick instead of the Wink, they do not report their state back. If I use HASS to turn them on, they report fine. But if I manually flip the relay with the wall switch, the state is not reported back to HASS. Any thoughts on how to get this working properly?

Some updates from hours of research. It seems by default, these devices have unsolicited responses turned off. I confirm this as there are no log entries when manually turned on and off. The documentation says that configuration parameter 3, size 1, value 1 turns it on.

I attempted to set this in the openzwave zml, but no effect. So I used zwave.set_config_parameter. The logs show the following:

Event call_service[L]: domain=zwave, service=set_config_parameter, service_call_id=1978170224-18, service_data=size=1, value=1, node_id=10, parameter=3
Setting config parameter 3 on Node 10 with selection 1 and size=1

So now I use print_config_parameter to retrieve that value. Logs show this.

domain=zwave, service=print_config_parameter, service_call_id=1978170224-14, service_data=node_id=10, parameter=3
Config parameter 3 on Node 10 : Disabled

I’m not sure what “Disabled” means, but it doesn’t seem good. I’ve contacted both Enerwave and Top Greener(retailed) regarding this issue. Unfortunately, having invested in 8 of these already, it’s a bit expensive to replace them all with Aeontec micros.

For the time being, I’ve excluded the relays and paired them back with the Wink Hub 2. They are back to working as normal now.

Adding for future users searching for a solution. After speaking with a tech at Enerwave, he confirms the following:

Unfortunately, there is some incompatibility between the Z-stick using Home Assistant with our products. I’m aware of the issue and trying to find a way to resolve it, but pulling status will help for now.

I’m hoping he comes up with something because 4 relays inside ceiling fans, 1 attic install, and 3 inside of wall switches are not going cheap to replace, and a nightmare in labor.

Edit: I asked if it was a hardware issue or Open Zwave issue. Here is the respond

For right now is the software with Open Z-wave. Can you get back with me on this topic in about 2 weeks since I would have to ask the manufacturer’s engineer for software update.

Did you ever make progress with this? I bought one of these and it works flawlessly from HA but does not update manual switch flips. Should’ve searched the forums before I installed it…

Enerwave tech said he contacted the programmers to push a fix to the firmware. A new batch is being delivered 5/15. They will be sending me one out of the new batch to test. I am not optomistic in the least and have begun replacing the 8 I have 1 at a time with Aeotecs.

Thanks for the update. They do work for me if I turn polling on, not ideal (there’s a delay obviously) but I’ve only got one in my bathroom. Would be interested to see how your test one goes. Which Aeotec model are you switching to?

The nano. The micro is much too large and is one of the most frustrating installs I’ve ever done on anything electrical.

I was able to get at least the first Channel of my Wenzhou MTLC Enerwave Dual Micro Switch to update with unsolicited report. By enabling parameter 3 as mentioned in their manual. When you Add this device to HA (using Aeotec Z-Stick) you will get 3 switches, 1x is your native standard switch, then you also get 1x binary encapsulated switch for channel 1 and a 1x binary switch for channel 2. Unfortunately enabling the unsolicited reporting function only applies to the first switch.