Enhance climate entity

Hi there,
i am using the - entity: climate.thermostat_kichen in my entity card. i want to show also the percentage the value is open. This value can be found in sensor.thermostat_kitchen_pi_heating_demand. How can i show it together with the climate control in my dashboard?

Merry Chistmas

Use the custom mini climate card.

control: true
entity: climate.thermostat_kichen
icon: true
name: Kitchen
step_layout: row
type: custom:simple-thermostat
  - entity: sensor.thermostat_kitchen_pi_heating_demand
    name: Name
  - entity: sensor.xxxxxxx
    name: Xxxxxx
    headings: false
    icons: true
    names: true
  step: column
header: {}
step_size: '0.5'
decimals: '1'