Enhance the 'Turn lights on at dusk' automation

I have a ‘turn the lights on at dusk’ automation that has been working fine for the last year or so. I’d like to enhance this. The reason is we have flood lights and ornamental lights in the garden that turn on as part of this. Quite often I find myself turning the outside lights off via the Google Home as soon as Hass has turned them on as we are not using the garden.

I’d like to have a notification sent to my phone at dusk asking whether I want the outside lights to come on. If I answer ‘No’ the other lights in the house come on except the outside lights. If I say ‘Yes’ all lights come on as normal. It would also need to assume ‘Yes’ if I or my wife haven’t answered yes to this question. Is this possible with the current automation creator? I wouldn’t know where to start!

You can try using-

@ardysusilo I’ve looked at that but feel I’m missing something. I learn from copy/pasting existing code then amending it to my needs. I can’t work out where to paste the examples in the ‘Building notification action scripts’ section of the documentation. Should it be in automations or scripts? I get errors when I paste into either file.

You may get errors, since some of those code examples might be android specific, some might be ios specific