Enhanced entity support in scenes (especially important for Insteon)

This is a feature request regarding scenes. Currently scenes actions for devices allow setting of states for entities within the device, but require setting a state for every entity associated with the device. I’m not sure if this is a problem for integrations other than Insteon, but many Insteon users have devices where it is important to set the state of a some device entities without changing the state of other entities that are part of the same device. For example, and Insteon fanlink controller has a fan and light entity. If you want to turn on the fan as part of a scene, without changing the state of the light it cannot be done, because you must set the state of the light entity, and “leave as is” is not an option. Similarly, with keypads, if you want to turn on or off the backlight for a particular button, you must also specify the desired state of all of the other entities that are part of that keypad device. This makes scenes all but useless for many Insteon devices. In most cases, the same result can be accomplished with an automation, but automations are much more difficult and cumbersome to use successfully, especially with fans where it is difficult to find out the speed that they are running, and with button backlights which often seem to not stay as they are set in automations.

I can see two ways of accomplishing this feature request from a front-end point of view. One would be a “leave as is” option on each entity within a device. The other would be to allow entities to be part of the scene without involving the underlying device.

I am having this exact same issue and was hoping to find some guidance.

I’m not opposed to swapping my Insteon Fanlinc controllers out to Inovelli devices but it is anyone’s guess when they will be back in stock

Are you on 2022.6? If not then just update, this was solved with the scene editor improvements:

Yes, I’m running 2022.6. When I select new scene I don’t have an option to add an entity as in the screen shot from the 2022.6 Gaining Insights! link. I only have the option to add Devices.

Thank you for the response

Here is my about from HA