Enhanced Nissan leaf integration

The Nissan Leaf app supports setting the temperature on the AC (not just on/off).
It also supports setting a date/time for when the AC should start. Would be nice to have these features in Home Assistant too.

Ability to start charging and fetching driving statistics would be a nice addition too.

I wish more data from the battery status response was available in Home Assistant. Look:

pycarwings2 Home Assistant
battery_percent nickname Charge
battery_capacity :neutral_face: not available
battery_remaining_amount :neutral_face: not available
cruising_range_ac_off_km nickname Range
cruising_range_ac_on_km nickname Range (AC)
is_charging nickname Charging Status
is_quick_charging :neutral_face: not available (rarely used)
charging_status :neutral_face: not available (somewhat redundant)
is_connected nickname Plug Status
is_connected_to_quick_charger :neutral_face: not available (rarely used)
plugin_state :neutral_face: not available (somewhat redundant)
state_of_charge (only on some models) :neutral_face: not available
time_to_full_l2 :sob: not available
time_to_full_l2_6kw :sob: not available
time_to_full_trickle :sob: not available

In special, the time_to_full_* values would be extremely helpful (how many minutes/hours needed until the battery is full), as it aids the end-user in planning the charge. I’d argue these are as relevant as the cruising_range_ac_*_km values.

@filcole worked on the integration that is live in Home Assistant core. Maybe he can give a hand and expose those extra values?

See also this other topic: Nissan Leaf Component(s)/Platform

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem implemented in pycarwings2.

That is implemented in pycarwings2, so theoretically it could be exposed in Home Assistant.

That is also implemented in pycarwings2, so someone could write code to fetch that data.

The set-point temperature is only available on newer Leafs using the newer API (regarding OP) so you can’t add them to pycarwings2 as it’s for an entirely different API. Either that or it’s just not in a car that @filcole or I own but is part of the existing API (he made my code acceptable to the HASS guys and maintains the component lol, as I didn’t have the time)

And I don’t know about him, but my next car is a Model 3 so I won’t be able to ever add that functionality, I know that much.

If you want the new features, you’re probably better off pushing them up yourself as the barrier to development is an entire car on this one thanks to no documented API from Nissan. However if it’s on the newer (and entirely different) API then a new component specifically for that platform would be the way forward as the current Leaf plugin is only for older models. I know mine definitely doesn’t let me set the temperature.

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