Enhanced volvo-on-call

Currently the VolvoOnCall-api provides more data (regarding Charging etc) then is being mapped and shown in HA. Would it be possible for some able developer to add that info to HA? Would be sweet to have HA notify me when my car is fully charged.
My own competence regarding HA-development and python is abit to low to be able to do this on my own but i can help out with JSON-responses from using @molobrakos python-component if needed.

Answering an old post. Yes, it would be possible, but you would have to list each property/attribute that you miss and provide information on how you would like it to be presented in HA and what the json outout from the server looks like (as well as any possible valid returned value from the server). I don’t have access to a car with charging capabilities myself for example so I would require your help with this. Please also see https://github.com/molobrakos/volvooncall/issues/12