Enocean heater mangement in HA


I’m very glad to try my first topic on HA community ! I’m not a developper but i’m trying to customize an integration in this marvelous HA system.

My goal : Control my home Heaters which uses the Enocean protocol in order to get rid of the “official” cloud based system delivered with it

For the moment, I have some little success in : modifying py-encoean library in order to managed secure Enocean protocol and set temperature set point from HA as well as receive and display the current temperature in HA (little victory for “real” developpers but big victory for me ;))

I made this topic in order to ask for help, if possible, because I’m stuck in my progression due to my lack of knowing in HA architecture and code.

My questions:

  • The secure protocol use Rolling Code and I don’t know how to save 2 rolling codes values attached to the device in order to restore them in the future (HA restart for example),
  • The heater embeds additional feature that I would like to add and control, but I don’t know where to start for customize climate entity for additional features and entities (embedded motion sensor, open window detection activation/deactivation, set time and autonomous heater programmation, …)

My repos are here:

Thanks for any help ! Available for any precisions :wink: