Enocean - Lan/Wifi Gateway?


I am having a question before deciding for Home Assistant. One pre-requisite is Enocean.
BUT I am going to install Home Assistant by Docker on a Qnap. Finally no issue, but it will be placed in the cellar. So an USB Stick as gateway will not work for me, as I do not like to work with a number of repeater. So I am thinking about an Enocean gateway LAN or Wifi. But didn’t read here anywhere about this option. Is there any that I may have simple overlooked? In case limited to specific hardware (gateway).
Thx in advance


Maybe something like this will work for you, a lot cheaper than getting an official gateway:

Thx for your response. But that will only need another device. I need the USB to connect somewhere simulation the serial device. That is maybe cheaper, but with another hop in the middle converting things the effort looks to be higher and giving more complexity.
I like to keep it it simple. One original Enocean gateway to connect to Lan/Wifi and natively support that via Home Assitant. Do you know if that is possible?