Enocean MQTT weather station

Hello @mak-dev,

thank you so much for developing the Enocean MQTT add-on. Works like charm and is much better and more powerful than the basic Enocean integration.

Yesterday, I installed the development version of the EnOcean to MQTT Bridge and found out that it now supports environmental sensors A5-13-01. Great! I got an Eltako MultiSensor, and now I can read out temperature, wind, detect dusk/dawn, rain and the ID.

However, the Eltako Multisensor sends two different ID’s. ID 1 spits out the information above, but ID 2 is basically another EEP: A5-13-02, sun intesity. So when ID 2 is sent, the sensor information transmitted in the same hex codes is Sun-West, Sun-South and Sun East.

Is there any chance to handle the sensor data differently using the transmitted ID?

Thank you so much for your great work so far. Please keep it going, I highly appreciate it!

Best regards,

Hi @Ewoodster81,

Yes for sure it is possible.
I read something like that in the EEP doc but I wasn’t sure to have correctly understood how it works.
I will tell you once there is something available.


Support added in latest version.
Please report if everything is OK. :+1:

Hi mak-dev,

great news, thank you. However I currently can’t report back, because one Home Assistant Update broke Node-Red on my Raspberry Pi for 6 weeks already, and no one is taking care or replying. I can’t get Node-Red running again and all my Enocean functions are done in NR.

I either have to wait until NR works again (Problem reported 6 weeks ago on GitHub), or do a complete fresh install if Home Assistant which I seriously don’t want to do. Hundreds of hours of work…

I started from scratch and everything works as intended. Thank you for your great work!