Enocean NodOn SIN-2-2-0 in wall module

Hey there,

I got myself a NodOn 2 channel in wall module to play around a bit (SIN-2-2-0 - http://nodon.fr/en/enocean/enocean-in-wall-module-2-channels_13-1).

Although it is not listed under working components, at least the “sending part” of the device is working together with home assistant. It can be used similarly to a FT-55 switch. To clarify a bit what I mean by “sending part”: The NodOn in wall module allows to connect up to two switches (classical, non enocean ones) to it. Toggeling those switches will trigger the NodOn module to send enocean telegrams.

In order to receive those messages (e.g., via a USB300 stick), one has to introduce the NodOn module to home assistant via the configuration.yaml:

    - platform: enocean
        id: [0xXX,0xXX,0xXX,0xXX]
        name: test_switch
        hide: true

Within automation.yaml it can be used as follows:

- id: nodon_test
    alias: NodON S1
        platform: event
        event_type: button_pressed
            id: [0xXX,0xXX,0xXX,0xXX]   # id of the NodON switch
            pushed: 1                   # (a single rocker switch action will always trigger pushed 1 followed by pushed 0 - therefore, only filter for one event)
            which: 1                    # (1: channel S1, 0: channel S2)
            onoff: 0                    # (1: top, 0: bottom)
        - service: light.toggle
            entity_id: light.tradfri

So far I haven’t figured out, however, how to send telegrams to the NodOn module in order to switch the internal relay/actor.

According to the datasheet of the NodOn module, it’s also possible to change parameters/settings of the device via enocean telegrams (behaviour of the internal relay upon a switch action, for example). Does anyone know a command line tool which is able to set those parameters?

Can you please tell me how you found the id hex number for your nodon module ?
Merci bien :wink:

The easiest way is to read it from the sticker at the bottom (with the QR code, hardware and firmware version numer). In case you already installed them, there are two other ways:

so great ! thanks so much to take time :wink:

Sorry but how you compose the hex code with the id ? I tried 0x05,0x84,0xCC,0x50 but with no success :frowning:

Thanks for your help, again :wink:

@dedlefou do you had any success including your Nodon switch? I am also searching for a solution to integrate my Nodon switch to Home Assistant.