Enocean platform

Helle there,

I’m new in HA and I’m trying to configuring Enocean platform.

A little work around:
HA is installed on a Raspberry PI 3 B+
USB300 dongle is used to receive messages from devices
using HARDWARE button, HA shows:

* /dev/ttyUSB0
* /dev/ttyAMA0

So, I configured Enocean like this

# Enocean integration
  device: /dev/ttyUSB0

I configured a PTM210 switch like this

  - platform: enocean
    id: [0x00,0x25,0x80,0x3B]

The id it is taken from DolphinView

But when I click on the physical switch, nothing happened in HA - But led (for messages) on dongle works fine and DolphinView shows the message (I have 2 dongles)

I don’t known where to look for logs

Does somebody knows what I made wong?

I forgot, HA version is 0.92.2

Nobody’s working with Enocean components?

Hi !!

exactly the same behaviour…
It’s the Nodon Soft button with EEP: D2-03-0A

Somebody succeed with this equipment ?

You need an automation in order to use the button. See Help with Enocean FT55 needed - how to use 4 buttons? for an automation example.

Unfortunately not…
I watched in the Github code and my equipment is just not compatible… a pressure is not detected !
I wrote a feature request