Enphase Battery Discharge

Curious about this one, the following sensor:


never goes to 0, or close to it. It appears to get ‘stuck’ at the last value when there’s no movement.

I’m inferring this for a few reasons, one the Enlighten web portal shows no volume in or out of the battery, and the available wattage never moves from the maximum after it’s at capacity.

Am I crazy? If I reset it to 0 manually, done as a test, it comes back to something like around ~400 watts output at all times. Even if the Enlighten app shows 100 watts ‘charging’.

For the time being, I’ve set the custom:power-flow-card-plus to use a Zero tolerance of 500 to get it to show ‘correctly’

Though I suspect there’s a ‘bug’ in that too, because it appears to add the battery discharge to the consumption reporting. I’ll have to look up if that’s intended, or if there’s a way to adjust it.

After watching the numbers for a while I realized it was always by about 500. So I wrote a template:

  • sensor:
    • name: current battery discharge
      unit_of_measurement: k
      state: >
      {{ (states(‘sensor.envoy_202350022305_current_battery_discharge’) | float(0) - (1 / 2)) }}

now why I had to put .5 (measure was in KW) is beyond me, apparently periods (.) are the Spanish Inquisition.