Enphase - Daily production always 0 since recently


Since quite recently my sensor.envoy_xxxx_today_s_energy_production keeps returning 0 all the time, although this used to work in the past.
I have a Envoy Metered S in my setup, albeit without seperate meter modules installed (consumption and injection I read directly from my digital meter).
So it was actually outputting the information from the Enphase API/solar panels directly.

But now it keeps being zero. The only statistic I have left is sensor.envoy_xxxx_lifetime_energy_production.

Any idea as to how I could easily recreate a daily value based on this lifetime - in case the integration never gets that information back anymore (because the new Enphase API is a mess!).

Solution as provided on Github of the Enphase integration!

Those numbers being zero is reported elsewhere too. Not very clear when it falls back to zero or what the numbers actually contain.

To build the daily number in HA use a utility meter using the lifetime production as input sensor. In current version you can build these from the gui. (Settings, Devices & Services, Helpers, + create Helper, Utility Meter (at the end of the list)). Select daily for Meter Reset Cycle and fill other fields as needed.

Make sure to enable the Periodically Resetting to allow reset to zero. (Metered without CT will reset to zero every ~1.2MWh)