Enphase-Envoy broken in 2020-12-0

My Enphase Envoy integration has worked forever but when I loaded the 2020-12-0 the following happened.

  1. After update I did not notice it was not working for a while.
  2. I rebooted my NUC and did a whole restart on HA and it updated my view

    However it stuck on this value all day.
    here is the graph

All I did was the update and changed nothing in the configuration.yaml

Anyone have the same problem?

I have the same issue, and this has already been reported and fixed in the integration library. We’ll just need to wait for the next minor release.

Thank you @exxamalte for updating me on that.
I will await the next release,

The fix has been released with version 2020.12.1. I just upgraded and can confirm that I am receiving production/consumption data from my Envoy-S again.

I had issues updating to 2020.12.1. For some reason I had to reboot my NUC before it would let me update. I kept getting unknown error see supervisor but I was already in supervisor??
Anyway after reboot it updated and yes I can confirm that I am getting Production updates from my Envoy.
Thank you. :smiley:

Hi guys, No way for me to make it working again even in 2020.12.1. Would you please share your configuration in config file ? Thanks Regards

Mine is as per https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/enphase_envoy/

Confirmed that envoy broke for me when I updated to 2021.1.1.

There is an updated sensor being tested over here

Need testers for updated Enphase Envoy sensor - Share your Projects! / Custom Components - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

Working for me using 2021.1

So there is a new sensor for envoy? How will this get released to the public? Will it be part of a future HA release or do I need to go install it separately?

NB: it seems to be working now. I can’t explain why.

There’s an update to the sensor being worked on, that will hopefully be merged into a HA in the future. In the meantime, you can use this version as a custom component.

Cool - how do I do that?

The latest Enphase Envoy sensor code is included in the HA 2021.1.0 release. The sensor includes two PRs, the main one reducing HTTP calls to the Envoy. Here’s the link to the PRs in the thread.

If you update to HA 2021.1.0 or later you’ll get the sensor code. If you do have a enphase_envoy directory in custom_components directory you might want to remove that as that code will take precedent over the bundled included envoy code on HA

I am working on more changes to the Enphase Envoy code to transition from YAML to Configuration UI setup but haven’t had time lately.

I think something worth mentioning here is what model Envoy people have.
My Envoy is the old original one that only did generation as my system is 6 years old now.
Newer systems would/could have the newer Envoy S and so on.
My Envoy broke earlier but works with 2021.1.1 no problems.
I use Efergy to get my consumption due to the lack of it in the older envoy.

Thanks am on 2021.1.1 so should have it. No custom components either. Will monitor performance.