Enphase Envoy gateway integration -desperate for help!

I am running Home Assistant 2023.5.3 and I am having a rough time getting my Enphase Envoy gateway with the D7.3 firmware to connect. I have tried everything and all the latest integrations and currently it is still not working. I had it going last week with the custom integration from

GitHub - posixx/home_assistant_custom_envoy through the HACS

After about a week of working this stopped connecting also. I am at my wits end! If anyone can help me, I would be extremely grateful.

This works for me: GitHub - briancmpbll/home_assistant_custom_envoy
Have you tried that?

I don’t think I tried that one. Let me give it a whirl. fingers crossed…

I ended up trying that one and the integration still was not working. I found another that I tried, and I am back in business. Thanks for the help.

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Which one did you eventually go for?