Enphase Envoy integration implementation of zero export feature


I live in the Netherlands, where I have a so called dynamic energy contract. This means that my energy price varies hourly and can become negative when allot solar and wind energy is available. In that situation I have to pay for my over production!

I use HA to automatically switch off the energy production of the envoy S (not metered, firmware 7.176 and IQ7). The envoy has a production switch, but that is not intended for this application and it work not good.

Recently, Enphase incorporated the zero export feature. I would be thankful if the zero export can be integrated (as a sort on/off switch) in the Envoy integration.

Thank you,


Have a look at this, I’ve installed the relay on the digital port, but now I need Enphase to configure it with a 0 % profile. Thing is, I don’t hjave admin rights. Enphase only wants to upsell and is of little help…