Enphase Envoy's 'Net Power' aka. Import/Export from and to Grid sensor missing from integration?

We have an Enphase system with solar and batteries and when looking at both their ‘Enlighten’ and (local) ‘Envoy’ interfaces, I can see and understand how the production, consumption and grid import/export work together. By that I mean that I can see that i.e. right now we’re producing 6.2kW, out of which 3.9kW go into the house’s consumption and 2.4kW to charge up the last 1-2% of the batteries AND because the production of 6.2kW does not fully cover the sum of those two (house+batteries) aka ‘consumption’, the system also imports a few watts from the grid.

In enlighten it looks like this:

and in the local Envoy interface it looks like this:

In the official HA Enphase Envoy integration I can find the corresponding Production and Consumption sensors which seem to replicate 1:1 what the Envoy interface represents in the screenshot above. What’s missing however from the HA integration is that third metering category in the Envoy interface called ‘Net Power’ which provides what the system does with the grid side of things… import or export, see just a few seconds later:

Is that import/export ‘Net Power’ value available somewhere without mimicking the Envoy/Enphase logic myself with formulas/helpers etc?

Same for the batteries charging/discharging value - is that available somewhere as a separate value by any chance?