Enphase integration not working after Envoy updated to D7.0.43 (8ed8ea)

My Enphase Envoy system appears to have upgraded itself overnight.
It is now running

  • Software Version D7.0.43 (8ed8ea)
  • Software Build Date 28 May, 2021 4:21 PM
    This has changed the local IP access to Envoy is now forced to https, and it sends you to https://entrez.enphaseenergy.com/authorize to authenticate using your Enlighten username and password, then brings you back to the local IP.

So this has broken the integration, I tried resetting up the integration but it can’t even connect now.

I am seeing the same issue with my system. Ill raise a GitHub issue.
Exactly the same software version.

Looks like they have restricted access to the local API behind client authentication.

If anyone else is reading this and your Envoy-S gateway is still working with Home Assistant, I would seriously consider using a firewall to restrict its outside connectivity to the Internet to prevent the firmware upgrade from being pushed to it by Enphase…

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I’ve raised the issue on GitHub.

Call me a cynic, but possibly this firmware upgrade is part of a plan to force people to pay for access to their own solar system data…. :rage:

The ‘Free’ plan is 10000 hits per day which is about one hit every 5 minutes… :slightly_frowning_face:

Or you can pay $349 dollars AUD for ‘Enlighten Manager’ to get access to data that used to be available for free.