Enphase solar

i have home assistant run on a raspberry pi. I still feel that I miss a lot of the basic and much of the explanation goes beyond my level.
i have an enphase for my solar panel, i’m sure it works just by typing the ip address in my brouser i get all the data i want. I added this text in configuration.yaml.

 # Example configuration.yaml entry, limiting the metrics to production only
  - platform: enphase_envoy
      - production
      - daily_production
      - seven_days_production
      - lifetime_production

but how can I read this information in lovelace? thanks for your help

Please note point 11: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

  • Click the the three dots icon top right of the main HA page
  • Select ‘Configure UI’
  • Add a card using the (+) icon lower right.
  • Select an entities card.
  • Add your sensors to the card using the dropdown lists.
  • Add a title and other options as you see fit.
  • Save the card.
  • Click the X upper left to exit the edit UI mode.

There’s a good tutorial here:

thanks, it works.
I needed this little push forward