Ensto wireless thermostats


I have few of these new Ensto bluetooth electric underfloor thermostats. They comply with the new EcoDesign requirements so there is bluetooth connection.


They are so called combination thermostats so there is in-floor and room thermostats available. There is an IOS and android app available where you can do limited configs and see status/stats.

I think that there is no active work ongoing for adding HA support. Or is there?

I have been googling a bit. I found interface specification document for the thermostats:

My questions are basically:

  • Would there be a group of coders interested to join forces for this project?
  • Any “push-to-the-right-direction” from the more experienced thermostat/BT integration experts?
  • Really, how big is this kind of project? I am not an HA/unix expert so I would love to have some kind of scale for this project requiremets. Any idea?

I am currently having hassio running on RPi3 and BTLE connection is already in use for Xiaomi temp sensor. However, for the connection I am using ESPHome due to the very limited BT range in RPi3.


Did you explore this any further?
A few months back i tested the connection from raspbian terminal and managed to receive some sensorvalues. But with my limited knowledge I didn’t get any further than that…

Seems that EnstoFlow github page is closed.

Someone have this BT IOT interface specification PDF? I asked from Ensto techical support but didnt got any answer. I had it somewhere downloaded but couldn’t find it anywhere anymore…

Eventually, my project with Ensto thermostats didn’t startup. I moved to new flat and I don’t have the hardware anymore.

I should have the documentation still somewhere. I will have look