Ensure command is followed to its conclusion

Hi all

I have a question for you all :sunglasses: My question is specified to Alexa but also applies to any voice control.

I’m tired of have to sometimes tell Alexa half a dozen times to turn a light off. For example, my home theatre has 4 lights. I told Alexa today to turn them off(they are grouped together in the app) and she only gets the job done half way. I have to give her the same command another 2 times for all the kids to be turned off.

I can’t see any voice assistant ever getting this stuff right all the time, so I’m thinking there must be a way to make it so after a command is actioned, it checks to make sure that the job was done in its entirety, and if it hasn’t it resends the failed part of the command.

I hope that makes sense. I’m sure it’s obvious that I have little experience with programming, but the little I did 30 years ago tells me that it probably wouldn’t be all that hard.

Any thoughts? Has someone already addressed this in some way?