Ensure outlet is always on

I’d like to add my server rack to my HA energy monitoring/logging, but I want to make sure the outlets never turn off.

Would it be a bad idea to have an automation to always make sure the outlet is on?

I know the best option is to put one of those monitors inside the breaker panel, but I’d rather not do that for now.

Some devices like Tasmota, espHome, & many zwave have a setting to prevent shutoff natively.
Another thing to check into.


I suggest something like a Shelly Mini PM that has no relays in it. Simple to wire in and gives you energy monitoring with no risk of an accidental shutoff.


Are these code compliant in USA/Canada? This seems like the best option.

Yup. Shelly products are all UL listed IIRC. I mean, they are for sale in the US, so I can’t imagine they could get around UL underwriting, could they? (At least not legally)

SOME Shelly products are UL certified, but not all. (Thanks @Sir_Goodenough)


Ul testing is not required and is expensive.
Shelly might have everything UL tested but you would have to look. at each mfgr and device they make.
Often mfgrs will have 2 versions of the same device, one 20% more with the UL testing completed.

True, but we’re also talking about a multi-million dollar company here. Shelly’s not like some small, fly by night outfit selling dodgy products.

Shelly devices. UL vs Non UL.

I would pick the non UL one any day over the UL one.


Assuming you order direct from shelly, you’d get the UL ones?

EDIT: Looks like their website has UL and non UL versions of most of their plug in products, except for this monitor…?

Huh… TIL they split their product lines like that. Good to know for future reference! Thanks!

Ok, yeah, revising my statement that this IS UL certified. Looks like it isn’t. However, I will say that I have 4 of them running in my house… so, YMMV is the best thing I can say here? I’d still recommend Shelly products for this type of application though. They’re in my home office right now. :slight_smile:


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Look at the device you are buying, it will be listed in the order. They sell both kinds.

It’s not like they only sell a non UL version to only Bangladesh or something.

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Looks perfect. Ordered two of them, thanks!

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