Entire integration randomly disappears?

Hey Everyone,

I woke up this morning and found that my entire Ikea integration was simply not there after being but there for years. I rebooted and it returned. This is the third time this has happened.

What could be the cause and how would we fix it?

Settings → System → Logs. Related errors?

Integrations can be disabled if the error is severe enough.

In the log file spanning the last 4 days, there are 22 references to Ikea / Tradfri. 14 are related to offline remote devices because the batteries are dead and I haven’t replaced them because I don’t use the remotes because everything is automated now. 4 are because a bulb is missing because someone turned off the lamp at the switch (grrr). 2 are warnings that an automation is already running. The last two are due to an error in an automation: entity cover.bedroom_blinds_left state ‘open’ cannot be processed as a number. That’s it for recent Ikea-related errors. :cry: