Entities Card 'Format' Variable Broken?

A recent update seems to have broken the ‘format’ configuration variable for the entities card for me.
Is anyone else seeing this issue?

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.date_time
    format: time

This should show only the time, but any format value set seems to be ignored; the full date and time is shown. Issue is present on a fresh Hass OS install.

(sensor.date_time is not my actual sensor)

According to the documentation, format is meant to be used with a sensor whose device_class is set to timestamp. Is that how your sensor.date_time is configured?

Odd. Forcing the device_class to timestamp for that sensor does fix the “issue”.
I’m 90% certain this was working on my actual sensors until a recent update, but the documentation isn’t wrong…

Glad to hear it solves the problem.

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Having changed nothing apart from updating to a newer version, the issue is resolved; setting “format: time” will only show the time-part of the sensors again.