Entities card: Icons do not change color when toggling entity state

I have the following entity card:

- type: entities
  title: Outside Lights
    - light.front_porch_light
    - light.front_upward_lights
    - light.garage_carriage_lights
    - entity: switch.outside_smart_plug_1
      icon: mdi:string-lights
    - entity: switch.outside_smart_plug_2
      icon: mdi:string-lights

For only the bottom two entities, the icon doesn’t turn yellow (like the light bulbs) when I turn them on:

If this isn’t a bug, could someone tell me how to fix it?

I have a similar mix of light and switch entities in an entities card:

  - entity: light.cooker_1
  - entity: light.cooker_2
  - entity: light.kitchen_1
  - entity: light.kitchen_2
  - entity: light.kitchen_3
  - entity: switch.striplight
  - entity: switch.tasmota_4
title: Kitchen
type: entities
state_color: true
show_header_toggle: false

The icons change colour for all of them.

This should be the reason, why this is different for voidpointer.

BTW to have the benefit of light groups, etc. I would use switch as X and use the new “light” instead.

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Good point. I have a group, but I am still using the old yaml method which allows you to mix light and switch.

I use yaml as well (even for switch as), but yaml light groups. They have benefits against mixed groups. So you can always use the light services and group bulb gets (avarage) colors and the group gets light controls, …