Entities gone from Home page

Not sure how it happen, but yesterday all my entities shown in the Home page was gone after restart of HASS.
Did some group configuration changes and some customizing before restart, have restored back to as it was before with no luck.

In my groups the entities are shown as before, the entities are only missing in the Home page. The States page are also showing all the entities.

Any idea what could be the fault?

We might need to see your groups config to determine what is wrong…

I agree post your group config…

Im guessing you setup a default view, if so, only the items you specify will now appear on the front end. Everything else will be hidden until specifically added to a group/view

Forgot to say, but I removed all the groups from my configuration to test with no change else then that the groups where gone.
So it could not be related to the group configuration.

Could be anything to you accidentally attributing hidden to all the entities or you’ve changed default view and then they’re all gone

Figured it out, I had given friendly name with number without ’ around in customize:

Added ’ around the number in customize and the Home page was loaded again.
Thanks a lot people for the help :slight_smile: