Entities not selectable anymore

I may be going a bit crazy, but I cannot find a way to select entities anymore. I wish to make a bunch of them invisible/disabled, but I can’t so I have a default dashboard with hundreds of entities on it. If I go to settings>devices & services> I can see the list, and I can see what’s disabled or unavailable, but there are no longer checkboxes (that I am sure I remember being there) for me to tick and then >disable. I have to enter every single entity one by one and disable it. Did I go nuts, what am I missing?

There aren’t any checkboxes there. Maybe in an older version of Home Assistant, but I don’t ever recall checkboxes in that screen.


‘Enter selection mode’ might be what you’re looking for?

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Ahh fark. I thought that was a sort/filter option and blanked it. I should just have stopped to think. Much appreciated!