Entities not showing on iPad2 iOS 9.3.5


I had 3 iPad 2’s with HADashboard running for a couple of years without any problems. Now all of a sudden no entities is shown or looks wierd (See attachement). It looks fine in any computer and in my newer iPad Pro, iPhone and all other devices that I´ve tested so its something with the old iPads. I only use these with HADashboard but noticed that if I logged into HA on them, any custom card could not be found as well.

So anyone know if there is something that I can do to fix or do I need to upgrade the screens?

A couple of issues crept in that broke older tablets - we are working on fixes and will make a release soon.

Thanks! I’ll sit back and wait then :slight_smile:

Jus released 4.0.7 which should fix the issue.

Hello. It works perfectly! thanks.

Hi Filip, how did you create the nice icon for temp/humidity? I can’t get anything extra other than a number shown for the sub_entity

my config:

    widget_type: sensor
    title: Woonkamer
    precision: 1
    entity: sensor.sdr433_woonkamer_temperature
    sub_entity: sensor.sdr433_woonkamer_humidity
    state_text_style: "color: #ffffff;font-size: 150%;"


I simply use the weather widget instead of the sensor and add the entity for temperature and humidity there, and then set all other sensors to 0. One of them look like this:

    widget_type: weather
    title_style: "font-weight:200;"
    widget_style: "padding-top: 0px;"
    title: Vardagsrum
    show_forecast: 0
    prefer_icons: 1
        temperature: sensor.temp_vardagsrummet
        humidity: sensor.luft_vardagsrummet
        icon: 0
        temperature_min: 0
        temperature_max: 0
        apparent_temperature: 0
        precip_probability: 0
        precip_intensity: 0
        precip_type: 0
        pressure: 0
        wind_speed: 0
        wind_bearing: 0
        forecast_icon: 0
        forecast_temperature_min: 0
        forecast_temperature_max: 0
        forecast_precip_probability: 0
        forecast_precip_type: 0

Thanks! sometimes things are easier than expected :wink: will try it

Looks like this issue has reoccured. I think it happen when I updated to Home Assistant Core 2021.8. Anyone else experiences this?

Addressed here: HaDashboard won't display on older ipad after updating AppDaemon addon to 0.7.0 - #5 by teqali